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juggalos's Journal

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Hey all, I'm jeek, and I'm the biggest fucking dick you'll ever meet.

I delete a lot of posts from this community.. here's a general rundown of what I do and don't like...

DO.. ask questions related to juggalo shit
DON'T.. mention that one guy everyone hates but can't seem to stop talking about
DO.. tell us about that great Psychopathic concert you went to last night
DON'T.. tell us that you want to blow up your school or whine about how you're going to kill yourself. If you're gonna do it, do it, I'd just rather not hear you whine about it.
DO.. post links to cool interviews and shit
DON'T.. post URLs to your personal sites unless there's some pretty fresh shit on there
DO.. use LJ-CUT. If you don't know what it is, look it up
DON'T.. post extremely large pix, or massive quantities of pix
DO.. talk about new and upcoming albums
DON'T.. post links to pirated albums. I promised Madrox that I wouldn't allow that shit here
DO.. post lyrics to new songs (with LJ-CUT), especially if they can be hard to make out
DON'T.. post lyrics randomly, it's not like we don't all know the songs ourselves

I run a tight ship. You don't like it, take it to icp or twiztidjuggalos.

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