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Happy Easter!!


We made tye dye and glitter easter eggs today!!!

Happy Easter!!

Today Layla, Ronin, Olivia, Tia Lupe, Iris, Josh, Dusty & his kids and Eric all dyed eggs. Tomorrow all of us are going to Josh's moms house. As for my Babies daddy, he's gonna go to his grandma'a house to have an easter dinner with what he has left in his family. RIP His aunt Betty. His gandfather died on easter and tomorrow they are mixing his aunts and uncles ashes together. the whole family is kinda having a memorial day for all the deciesed family member!! 

i am doing random drug test for C.P.S. and so is james. I passed all my test, with ease. So i just have one more month of random. They also did a hiar folical test on me and James. they had a hard time finding hair on him so they took it from his pubes. Ha ha ha. Poor guy who had to took the hair!

That whats going on in my life today! I am doing pretty well for right now. But i gotta go. Getting ready for a meeting. till next time!
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