David Spalding (icpdavenew) wrote in juggalos,
David Spalding

If anyone here is interested in gathering of the juggalos 2005 footage, I have a 5 disc dvd set that I have and I'm selling for 30 dollars including shipping..

Disc 1) Dark Lotus full set setlist:1)Intro, I can make it thunder 2)black rain 3)pass the ax 4) b*tch im sexy 5)Jumpoff 6)headache 7)these walls 8)Ali Baba 9)Corrosion 10)Gimmie that blood 11)Death dont wont you 12)Hurt Myself 13)the 1st time 14)hell house 15)bad rep 16)we danced 17)sworm 18)Juggalo Family.

Disc 2)Esham full set setlist: 1)Intro/symp. of insanity 2)boss up 3)soop doopa 4)interlude 5) back in the day 6)boom 7)voices in my head 8)family interlude 11)telly salves/ wicked sh*t interlude 12) charles manson 13)some old wicked sh*t 14)nine dead bodie 15)sunshine 18) since day one 19)wicket 20) paper/outro (sorry not sure of the track names for songs 9.10,16,17).

This dvd also contains the opening ceremony for the gathering of the juggalos 2005 feat. rude boy and double A.
15 mins of blaze chillin with juggalos at a campsite

Disc 3) Twiztid full set setlist: 1)intro video 2)karma 3)story of our lives 4)we dont die 5) so high (feat blaze and lavel) 6)controversity 7)diemotherf*ckerdie 8)rock the dead 9)afraid of me 10)know good 11)2nd hand smoke 12)bagz 13) evil is 14)hoshambom 15)i hate everyone 16)Red. of realilty 17)wont die 18)I got five on it (feat blaze, lavel and esham)

Disc 4)

Blaze ya dead homie 45 mins of his set setlist: 1)hatchetsup 2) 10 bodies 3)thats 4 life b*tch 4)if i fall 5)new song with lavel 6)b*tch shut up 7)str8 outta detorit 8)grave aint no place 9)stick ya heands up 10)2 many b*tches 11)thug 4 life 12)shotgun (feat esham) 13)aint changing sh*t/Mama I aint changed
From another angle Shotgun feat Esham, mama I aint changed/I aint chainging shit, 14)Roll it up 15)Timeline

Insane clown posse 20 mins of thier set setlist) 1)intro 2)rollin deep 3)chicken huntin 4) dead body man 5)halls of illusions 6)stomp 7) Rose mary 8)birthday b*tches 9)everbody rize 10) assassians.

Disc 5)Tech Nine full set(sorry Im not really into his stuff so Im not sure of song titles for his set.)

the pic and audio qual. for the dvds is great, dvds are in perfect condition if anyone is interested just comment. mcl
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